Summer 018

BRECCIA Collection

Summer 018

In recent times we hear more and more often talk about Gravel, a movement born years ago in the United States, which is slowly spreading here also in Italy and that is practiced with some "special" bicycles. If - for many -  it is only a fashion, for others  it is a real passion that combines the wild charm of the off-road landscapes with the ability to grind many miles in the saddle of their bike,  and for a few is a real lifestyle.

Literally the word gravel means… "gravel" and corresponds to a type of cycling on dirt roads, which, here in Italy, we identify with the term "white roads".
Gravel bikes are a cross between road bikes, mountain bikes, and historic bikes.

Cycling with bikes Gravel is not a new way to ride a bike but it brings with it the charm of the “old” because it combines the desire to travel with "simple" bicycles, safely and staying away from the competitive spirit typical of the "road" and Cross Country, not paying attention to performance.

Parentini, for the spring / summer 2018 season, has created a specific line of clothing, the BRECCIA, which summarizes all the features desired by a Gravel cyclist: garments with very comfortable lines, bright colors, captivating and contemporary designs, but never excessive. All this made with modern and vintage technical fabrics.

Let’s not forget that a Gravel cyclist is very passionate about  the race and just as much, if not more, after the race!

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