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Recensione kit Parentini

"I have a tonne of cycling kit and cycle all year round so I guess that qualifies me to have an opinion on where this kit positions itself in the market; at the top!

Castelli, Gore, Assos (ok, just one Assos garment – too pricey), DHB Pro editions, Bioracer, Stanno and Owayo are the main brands that fill my drawers and hangers in my man cave.

Up until now, I’ve rated Castelli as the most premium day-to-day kit for both race feel and more leisurely performance. Bioracer has offered me a comfortable season in my race suit (shorts sewn into the jersey) and it has performed well.

The lovely guys at Zetta sent me some Epoca branded Parentini kit to go with my new R60. I was told it was the best kit out there but the only way for me to buy this statement was to test it for myself.

I now know what Ali meant when he said it feels like you’re not wearing any kit. The cuffs on the legs and arms are so perfectly wrapped around my limbs, it’s like they were custom made for me. The material of the garments are soft, strong and just super comfortable, offering stretch where it’s needed without feeling like I’m sucking myself into it.

Ali guessed my sizing to within a  millimetre of my body shape. Either that or the design and materials used enables it to fit so well to whoever it is being worn by, assuming they get the correct sizing in the first place.

It’s super fitted, but doesn’t feel tight. The kit is really lightweight and you do feel like you’re wearing less than you would normally be wearing. I have quite broad shoulders but a small waist so more often than not, my jerseys are tight across the top of my back and then have a little bagginess around the top of the chest when I lean forward in a cycling position. Somehow, the Parentini jersey prevents this feeling of stretch across the shoulder (the secret is actually a single piece of material across the shoulders) and the result is brilliant.

On each of its three outings, I’ve washed it straight after on a light 30 minute wash so that I can wear it again for my next ride. Redundancies will be made in my cycling clothing department it seems.

The bib shorts are like nothing I’ve ever seen before. The straps mould to my body and they only get more dialled in with a few washes. The chamois pad is spot on and offers enough padding without actually feeling like anything is there. True, a good bike fitting helps this sensation but nonetheless, I’ve worn many a bib short on my bespoke fitted bikes and it has felt like I’m sitting on a sponge.

In summary, I’m gutted I’ve only just found out about this brand. In the last 8 months my club has jumped into bed with Bioracer and I’ve spent a small fortune on kit for cycling in all conditions.

Moving forward, Parentini will get all my business and I will recommend them to everyone I know who owns a bike and appreciates the finer things in their cycling life!"

Ollie Rastal