Parentini We Care

We Care About the quality of design and print of your custom team kit

For over 40 years Parentini “Custom” has been the foundation of our business, making personalised team kits from local shops and teams to famous professional teams. Parentini is a market leader in this sector.

One of the most important aspects of custom clothing production is the quality of design and print, Parentini accepts no compromises, our own in-house design and fabric printing departments ensure we excel in these important areas of our business.

Our Italian design house is here to interpret your requirements fully, to ensure these are translated into a custom clothing design that fully meets your needs. The technical aspects of this process are quite complicated and maybe not so obvious:

  • Correct scaling and layout of all designs, making sure your design works from the smallest to largest sizes.
  • Correct placement of all sponsors / trade names.
  • Accurate replication of all logos and fonts.
  • Designs that look great! No matter how complicated the design, on and off the bike.
  • We work to the highest possible digital resolutions ensuring the quality of our printed designs are second to none.
  • The quality of the colours of your design depend on the quality of the inks used, we use only the very best 100% Italian made inks.
  • Each item of clothing has its design printed using a sublimation heat transfer process, the inks are thermally boned to the fabric, transferred by way of special “printed papers” We only use the best quality “bonding” papers for this important process.

Parentini does not compromise when choosing its material and supplies, not only do we select the best available, we ensure they meet the strict European environmental standards. At the end of each production process we enforce rigorous quality control procedures to assure the very highest quality of finished products for you our customer.