How To order

CUSTOM_How to Order

1a.    Contact us to ask for a detailed PREVENTIVE specifying the quantities of the various items and the TOTAL QUANTITY of clothing that you need.
1b.    Send back our PREVENTIVE approved and Send us your invoice address and company details, phone and fax number, e-mail address ecc.
1c.    Let us know which colors will be your Uniform and send us the LOGOS, with the right position.
1d.    If you need some skethcs of your uniform, before to decide exactly items and quantities, PARENTINI will let you have a deposit invoice of € 200,00. So you can decide all after to have decided the design. If you don’t need go to Point 1e.
1e.    Communicate us which items you want and the quantities.
1f.    Let us know if you need the “SIZING KIT” (s.s.jersey-Bib shorts-l.s. jersey- Bib tights, all in sizes S-M-L-XL-XXL).

2 Confirmation of your Provvisory “RESERVATION” (Within five days)
2a.    PARENTINI send to you the Provvisory “ORDER CONFIRMATION”.
2b.    PARENTINI send to you the Invoice for the “FIRST 30% DEPOSIT”. *

3 Confirmation of your Final “RESERVATION” (After to have paied the Deposit)
3a.    PARENTINI confirm to you when you will receive the sketch of your “UNIFORM”.
3b.    PARENTINI confirm to you the “DELIVERY DATE” of your clothing.
3c.    PARENTINI comunicate to you  the date to confirm the “SKETCH”. *
3d.    PARENTINI comunicate to you the date to receive the “SIZING DETAIL”. *
3e.    PARENTINI  send to you the “SIZING KIT” (If required). You must send back the “SIZING KIT” within one week. *

4a.    PARENTINI  after receiving your SIZING and QUANTITIES approval sends you the final “ORDER CONFIRMATION”, with the “DELIVERY DATE”.
4b.    Verify and sign the final “ORDER CONFIRMATION” and send it back within two days. *

5a.    PARENTINI sends you the “SUBLIMATION ARTWORK” with full size comps, for your approval .

6a.    Send back the “SUBLIMATION ARTWORK” signed for your approval, within three days. *

7a.    Your GARB is shipped out ON TIME! After receiving it Send us your feedback about CLOTHING, SERVICE and WHATEVER. Send us a picture of your TEAM so we will put it in our file.


1 - QUANTITIES :  The minimum quantity requested for each item is 10 pcs. . For bigger quantities the total quantity must be calcolated adding SHORT SLEEVES JERSEY, MAGLIAVENTO, LONG SLEEVES JERSEYS, JACKETS and VESTS and separately SHORTS, BIB SHORTS, TIGHTS and BIB TIGHTS. ARM WARMERS, LEG WARMERS and ACCESSORIES have different minimum quantities for each item, as detailled in the price list. The minimum quantity of 10 pcs. for each item can be reduced at 5 pcs., with an EXTRA cost of 40%, if it is a NEW GRAPHICS, and of 20%, if it is a GRAPHICS already PRODUCED, on the 10/29 COLUMN price. If an item is under the 10 pcs. MINIMUM it can’t be added with other items for pricing calculation.

2 - P.RACE EXTREME SS JERSEYS :  P.RACE EXTREME Short Sleeves Jerseys, for pricing calculation, can’t be added the others ordered items.

3 - SKINSUITS :  SKINSUITS, for pricing calculation, can’t be added the others ordered items.

4 - TIGHTS & BIB TIGHTS :  TIGHTS can’t have the Design on the front and the back around the leg, and the side panel will be straight to the knick, continuing in a solid color to the end of the leg .

5 - REPRINTING :  For every REPRINTING, even if without Graphics changing, the QUANTITIES requested are the same as point 1. For every REPRINTING WITHOUT GRAPHICS CHANGES, calculated the total quantity, to obtain pricing, you will take one step with the lower pricing. Example : If the total Quantity is 30 pcs, you will take as reference the column 50/99, instead of 30/49.

6 - PARENTINI LOGOS :  On the CUSTOMIZED Clothing will appear two PARENTINI logos on the Jersey, FRONT on the left and on the pocket, and two PARENTINI logos on the Shorts, FRONT on the right leg and BACK on the left leg, with a maximum size of 25sqcm.