Montopoli in Val d’Arno - 29th January 2016

“…thousands, millions of people work, produce and save money despite all our efforts to provoke, to block or to discourage them. It is the natural vocation that drives them; not only the desire of becoming rich. The fondness, the pride of seeing your business thrive, gain importance, inspire confidence to an increasing customer base, expanding facilities, adorn their workplaces, all form a boost for progress as strong as profit. If not, it does not explain why there are entrepreneurs that in their own company spend all their energies and invest all their capital to obtain often margins much more modest than those they could do safely and comfortably with other jobs.” Luigi Einaudi Ex President of the Italian Republic

“When Federica e Giampaolo Parentini asked to me a brief comment and thought on the 40th anniversary of “Parentini Srl” it immediately came to my mind the words of Luigi Einaudi. The starting, administering and developing of entrepreneuship is a complex process and it seems to me that the words of Luigi Einaudi are perfectly compatible with this reality, in many unexplained ways, of the entrepreneurial phenomenon and, along this lines, it seemed quite unnecessary to add more to what’s been already beautifully written and well said.” (Giuseppe Varchetta)