Introducing Fabrics


The ideal piece of cycle clothing is one you hardly know you’re wearing. It’s something we consider achievable, and by harnessing technology and research, our aim is to bring it about.

Study of anatomical parameters, for example, allows us not just to match the cut and shape of our bibshorts to a rider’s fit, but also to sew the pad in exactly the right position. The use of carbon lets us create a pad with extreme elasticity: smooth, without corners, soft yet durable, light yet breathable. Jersey fabrics are the result of close analysis of fit and movement. Carbon is again used for its antibacterial properties and superior breathability, while elastic materials are fully utilised for optimum ventilation, lightness, aerodynamics and resistance to abrasions.

We don’t just design. We continually push forward in search of the ultimate blend of comfort, fit and performance.

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