Care Instruction

General advises for the MANTEINANCE and LASTING of PARENTINI wear

Care Instruction


When you wear or take off your clothing, try to not stretch it too much, so move  slowly and keep attention avoiding to expose to  excessive stress fabric and sewing.

First than ride your bike, is a good rule to put yourself in position of race and adjust the clothing in order to obtain the maximum comfort.

Is normal if the sewing pull over the back when the athlete is stand up, because Parentini clothes are studied to fit perfectly on body  when it is in race position.

It may happen to men that when urinate during the race, the sewing of the shorts are exposed to particular tension, in this case is mandatory to pay attention because fabrics and sewing could yield.

When the athlete is submitted to extreme  effort, may sweat a lot; in this case is suggested to regulate the air flow, opening the zip of the jersey or jacket, and keeping constant the body temperature.


For dyed fabrics first than do any treatment,  do a washing test or cleaning over a hidden part of the garment.

Wash the garments separately from other clothes or accessories. Because each washing process  exposes to stress the fabrics and sewing.

Is recommended to turn inside out the clothing before washing exposing the sewing out.

To wash in machine  use delicate cycle, warm water (not more than 30°) do not use Bleach, or fabric softener, but only liquid soap for delicate clothing. Do not spin-dry,  do not  twist the clothing; if necessary just press kindly with hands.  


Damaged fabric: In most of the cases fabrics are damaged by abrasion, which is caused by the use of embroidery seats or the particular  form of the seat causing strong friction with the legs.

You must assure that the velcro of the air camera under the seat don’t touch the fabric of the shorts.

A further forethought to avoid  damages is not to wash in machine together with gloves, bags, shoes or anything that have velcro or plastic elements that can damage the fabric.

Damages that can be easy repaired:

Breaking of thread of Pad sewing: considering that the stress that threads and sewings can suffer. Is normal if this happens, contact us for repairs or replacement of items under warranty. The items must arrive washed and sanitized.

Breaking of the zip: It may happens for different causes. Contact us for any replacement or repair for items under warranty. The items must arrive washed and sanitized.


Avoid to hang up the clothing exposed directly  to sun light 

Do not preserve wet clothing in airless places  like into plastic bags, handbags or sports cases.

After use,  immediately hang up the clothing exposing it to fresh air or wash it.

If the athlete normally sweats a lot, is recommended to wash the clothing to prevent an eventual bacterial attack that could damage the fabrics.

The sweat after some time can corrode the fabrics because of the bacteria. The level of deterioration caused by sweat changes form person to person.  To avoid this situation, we strongly recommend  to wash your clothing  after use and not to keep in airless places. For this problem we can not be responsible of possible damages.

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