Vagotex has 20 years’ experience in the field of lamination and is able to offer a particularly wide range of MEMBRANE and LAMINATIONS in this field and Vagotex is a manufacturer, so the whole manufacturing process, 100% Made in Italy in its own facilities, is under direct control. We have a high level of experience based on years of research and development, the continuous improvement of our products and techniques of production. We are thus able to offer MEMBRANE and LAMINATIONS which are differentiated according to our clients’ requirements and the different uses to which they will be put. Our techniques are exceptional in that they are the result of the most modern lamination systems and of the know how of our staff.
Our research laboratory covers an area of 200 sq. metres with 20 test and quality control machines and an area dedicated to tests in a climatised room At present we are able to carry out 40 different tests on each article. The test results are given in the technical report card which is available to our clients on request. The quality of our products and our expertise have been recognised by the official organisation Bureau Veritas, enabling us to obtain ISO 9001 international certification. We have also created “Quality Lamination”, the first and only guarantee against the delamination of fabrics caused by frequent washing (in water or dry-cleaning).

What is Windtex®

Windtex® is a light stretch heat regulating membrane which blocks WIND and WATER and maintains unaltered the MICROCLIMATE between the skin and the fabric. We are very proud of its light weight and in particular of its elasticity, In fact other membranes which may otherwise be similar to Windtex® are heavier and do not have anything like the same elasticity. For this reason Windtex® mantains the natural MICROCLIMATE with a light thickness, together withits WIND and WATERPROOFNESS and BREATHABILITY.


01. Thermal and Breathable : The heat produced by a human being varies from about 100 W when resting to over 1000 W during physical effort. During winter sports, despite the surrounding low temperatures, the body temperature and as a result the production of heat increases. In order to
keep body temperature within certain limits, heat is lost through perspiration. At this point, clothing plays an important role: heat
retention compromises physical activity if the fabric does not breathe. Windtex’s excellent breathing capacity as well as its heat retention protect the body’s microclimate.

02. Minimum bulk : Often sports men and women have to wear layers of clothing, to be able to strip off when the body warms up. At this point there is the problem of where to put those extra sweaters and other items. This is where Windtex® can help out: a Windtex® jacket can weigh as little as 250 grams! The weight is really minimum when we consider the multiple functions, (comfort,
breathability, wind and waterproofing) our clothing has to carry out.

03. Freedom of Movement : Windtex®’s light weight and elasticity make it an excellent companion for all those sports where freedom of movement is a basic requirement.

04. Windtex Lives Longer : 04. Windtex Lives Longer : Clothes made with Windtex® maintain their same high quality even after repeated washing. Its elasticity guarantees long life. Products made with Windtex® membrane can be washed in water or dry-cleaned.

La Windtex® Membrane is available in various types for different fabrics, as following:

  • HYDROPHILIC Polyurethane for the Colored Fabrics.
  • HYDROPHILIC Polyester for the Printable Fabrics.
  • Water Column 10.000 mm. Guaranteed.
  • Breathability > 10.000 gr/m2 x 24h.

Leggerezza-Lightweight  Taglio-Pro-Pro-Cut  Traspirante-Breathable  Idrorepellente-Waterepellent  Impermaeabile-Waterproof  Antivento-Windproof  


Optimal use during the autumn, winter and spring months.



ART. V975A


85% Poliamide 15% Polyurethane
(Polyurethane membrane inside)
€ 59.80
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