Parentini We Care

About the quality of the working environment of our Italian staff ["family Parentini"]

Parentini was founded as, and still is a family business, from its roots in 1976 when Gianpaolo and his family started the business, to now 40 years on.

Over the years the Parentini “family” has grown, along with Gianpaolo there are still many original members of staff who made some of the very first Parentini jerseys.

This family spirit and the culture of working at Parentini has been built around important core values of the business, at the heart of which is the care for its staff, the conditions of their working environment. In the modern world of subcontracting to many poorer countries around the world in the search of “cheap” labour sadly these human values of caring for your staff are sorely missing.

For Parentini there are no compromises, especially when it comes to looking after and caring for the wellbeing of its staff. Each and everyone one is as important as each other, each staff member contributing their knowledge, skills and passion to bring you, our customers, the very best in Cycle clothing available today.