Introducing Pads

C6, C6-HT & C6-FLOU Pads


CARBON the element of energy and of life. All the most  used combustible materials – carbon, petrol, methane – are made up of carbon, the principal source of chamical energy. Carbon is also the basic element of life on earth since it is the essential  component of all the organic compounds, from vegetables to animals, and You can find it in the artificial elements – as plastic – too. We have more than ten millions of carbon compounds , the applications are practically innumerables.
It is used also as basic element, or reinforcement fiber, in the lining for its durability and its lightness. Besides it has breathability and adaptability characteristics.

The use of the carbon foam in our new pads  is for all the above mentioned talents, and for its  adaptability to our body with its invisible protection. A study of the shape let us create a pad particularly smooth, without corners and without  central flattened parts, thanks to the extreme elasticity. Thanks to the carbon the HARD MEMORY function is really improved too.

In the C6 and C6 HT pattern the perforated carbon foam allows a rapid transport of the sweat. This way You have a rapid drying and a renewed bactericidal function, typical of the carbon.

The C6-HT pad has two extra paddings on both sides to give You extra confort; C6-FLOU still has its softness characteristic and more protection. The external fabric, in a new colour, is an elastic fabric with bactericidal treatment, extremely  smooth, particularly fitted to transport the body moisture.