Parentini K-Dry your insurance policy against bad weather

In is not uncommon, no matter what time of year it is, to sometimes experience more than one season in one ride, sometimes all four!

Parentini K-Dry is our innovative product that helps to ensure your wellbeing under even the worst conditions.
Light and easily packed away in your back pocket, you will not even know the K-Dry is there, that is until you need it. A sudden downpour, a change in the weather, a cold front moves in, a long alpine decent, which may start at a temperature much lower than when you left the mountain valley below. All occasions where the Parentini K-Dry comes into its own.

Made with a special lightweight membrane which is windproof, waterproof and yet breathable, in a special soft finish, that allows it to foldaway into a small volume that fits its own storage bag, designed to fit into a rear pocket. The surface of the K-Dry is coated with a POLYURETHANE membrane.

Gone are the days of feeling like you are wearing a water proof bin liner! The Parentini K-Dry has a great anatomical cut to ensure a comfortable fit, with technical features to help regulate your temperate correctly.

Available as a long-sleeved jacket or sleeveless gilet. In transparent, black or flou yellow colours.

The Gilet is a good option for summer rides when temperatures are a bit lower early in the morning, or when your ride will take in a few shorter climbs. 

We also offer K-Dry Elastic a special version of the K-Dry which offers an even better anatomical fit and fantastic new designs. 

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