Introducing Custom Skin Suits

The “LONDRA” Skinsuit, designed specially for racing on the TRACK, our TOP of range  is made with a SPECIAL FABRIC, with the lowest AIR FRICTION possible, for maximum aerodynamics and lightweight. The ERGONOMIC pattern is a unique design by Parentini with makes the SKINSUITS practically ONE PIECE which ensures efficiency and aerodynamic advantages. Rear ZIP is on the BACK to reduce AIR FRICTION.

We also produce three more skinsuits, two Summer, realized with Lycra fabric, Short and Long Sleeves, and one Winter, realized with SuperRoubaix fabric, Long Sleeves, designed specially for cross country.

The end of the shorts can be personalized, either Laser cut without any elastic band or with the New Elastic anti-ride up, is made with new system called BANDA ELASTICA, soft-feel material bonded directly inside, light and flat for improved aerodynamics. Applied with thermal bonding system for more freedom of movement. The thickness of the thermal bonding is reduced, compared to the traditional sewing and thus offers more flexibility. This new system also eliminates any friction with the body.