Introducing Custom Vest

Into the CUSTOM 016 Collection we have two different Vests with different heaviness, “PESANTE” and “LEGGERO”; realized with ELASTIC FABRICS laminated with WINDTEX Membrane.

  • The Vest “PESANTE” has a Microfleece inside and you can use with a temperature lower than 8/10°C.
  • The Vest “LEGGERO” is for Spring/Summer season if you have Rain or Wind.

WINDTEX is a light stretch heat regulating membrane which blocks WIND and WATER and maintains unaltered the MICROCLIMATE between the skin and the fabric. We are very proud of its light weight and in particular of its elasticityFor this reason WINDTEX mantains the natural MICROCLIMATE with a light thickness, together withits WIND and WATERPROOFNESS and BREATHABILITY.