Introducing Tights

Into the WINTER 016 Collection we have three different Tights and Shorts, Man and Woman, TIGER.2, SHARK.2 and P.UNO.

The TIGER.2 Bib Tights and Bib Shorts, TOP of the range, are made with the Thermo Roubaix; the fabric features two plies of materials: polyester on the inside and polyamide on the outer side; this sophisticated construction system allows for quicker respiration and heat release with maximum COMFORT guaranteed. The Polyester is the cave fiber Thermolite, to mantain the body warmth. The SHARK.2 line items are realized with Super Roubaix. The Bibs anatomy changed from the waistline to the shoulders. The new design features an anatomical shape that follows the muscular fasciae of the chest and of the abdomen. The border/tape of the bibs and the elastic band on the legs are now applied with a thermal taping system/bonding, no longer with a traditional sewing method. The thermal bonding/taping system, thanks to the glue that melts at a high temperature, allows the fabric to maintain its full elasticity.

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