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About the quality of inks used to print your Parentini clothing

How does cycling clothing get printed? A good question in deed! It is not as straight forward as it may seem.

Firstly, like most paintings we need a blank canvas, in this case special fabrics are our canvas, special as they can absorb the colours we will apply and thereafter lock these colours into their structure.

In almost all cases the starting fabric should be neutral white so we will know in advance the final tone of colours after they are applied.

The all important ingredient in this process is the actual ink that is applied to the fabric. However, the ink is not applied directly to the fabric from a printer, first the design is printed with a dedicated inkjet printer on to special contact printing papers. For this process to work correctly and to obtain the best results it is essential to use the very best inks.

Parentini only use the very best 100% Italian made thermal transfer inks, inks that are manufactured in environmentally controlled production facilities. Following our non-compromising ethos that only the best materials will do, we have chosen the best money can buy.

The quality of these inks is very important in many aspects, they enable us to print our designs [and our client’s custom designs] at the very highest printer resolutions, for the best quality reproduction. Our thermal transfer process optimises the steadfastness of the inks which minimises any tendency for the inks to bleed or run.

When we apply heat and pressure to the printed paper [which is in contact with the fabric] the quality of our inks ensures that the maximum quantity of ink is transferred from the paper to the fabric. This ensures the final colours are rich and intense, especially when the garment is then worn and the fabrics are stretched.

The quality of the ink pigments used ensures that once your Parentini garments are produced the designs and colours are long lasting, resistant to the UV rays of sunlight and with the correct garment after care, to long-term washing and cleaning.