Parentini We Care

That we fit your Parentini "pad" into your shorts correct we ensure maximum rider comfort 

Ask any cyclist what is their most treasured item of cycling “kit” is, that they could not do without, and most will reply my cycling shorts!

To a non-cyclist this may be difficult to understand, but for anyone who has had to ride more than an hour or so they will very much understand!

At the heart of this garment is the shorts “pad” and as most cyclist know the quality of this important part of the shorts is essential for rider comfort. However, what most people do not know is that the functionality and performance of the pad is greatly influenced by the cut and design of the shorts and how the pad is sewn into the shorts.

For many years Parentini have studied how to best match the cut and shape of their cycling shorts to the riders fit. An anatomical design based on when the shorts are being worn in the “riding position”.

To ensure these anatomical parameters are meet requires that the pad is also sewn in the correct anatomical position. Parentini have developed a special technique to ensure the shorts pad is sewn in in the correct position in the shorts.

Using our pre-stretch technique our skilled staff sew the pads into position in the shorts in the correct position that matches the anatomical cut of the shorts.

This combined with a range of specially developed elastic pads ensures there are no cycling shorts in the market as comfortable as made by Parentini.