Parentini We Care

Having our Parentini collection in stock at our Italian factory ready to be shipped by return

We live in a modern world of “brands” where image has in a way overtaken substance. Who cares where the clothing is made, or how it is made, as long as I am seen wearing the brand.

Parentini has always been, and will always be a factory, making our own garments directly for our own customers, we do not make products for any other brand.  Today this maybe be called “Factory Direct” we like to call it Truly Factory Direct, as many factory direct outlets in the clothing business are nothing more than warehouses stocked with products made by 3rd party companies, imported from around the world.

As the tendency to “warehouse” goods and brands has grown so has the expectation of consumers to “buy today, have tomorrow”.

Therefore, to match the wishes of our customers, Parentini has recently committed to making collection garments available immediately from stock, from our own premises in Italy.