Parentini Mossa is the modern revolution in cycle clothing

Parentini Mossa is the modern revolution in cycle clothing! The new way to stay “comfortable” no matter what the weather decides to do. Never has it been so easy to stay warm in variable climatic conditions.

All of this thanks to the Mossa’s special “membrane”.


A chill in the air, an early start on a spring or autumn morning, cold descents on a rolling route or even high up in the mountains, with Parentini Mossa no problem, and all without feeling like you are overheating, especially when you are climbing.

We have designed the Mossa to carefully regulate your temperature, using your body’s own sweat to insulate you and keep you warm, and yet at the same time to allow you to thermoregulate correctly. When combined with the correct Parentini undergarment the Mossa ensures your excess sweat and moisture is also expelled to be evaporated, giving you the sensation of being at the correct temperature and feeling dry.


The membrane is windproof and will stop cold air from passing through to your body, reducing the all-important effect of “wind-chill” It also does a great job if it starts to rain, the outer surface of the Mossa is treated with our special “Hydro” treatment which means water runs off your Mossa faster than a duck’s back!

The Mossa membrane is completely waterproof, in the design of the final Mossa Ognitempo jacket we have not sealed the areas of fabric that are stitched, if we did this the jacket would lose its form fitting design, which is so important for its temperature control system. Therefore, we can say the complete Mossa jacket is showerproof, to be technically correct, in tests we have found it will also keep you quite dry even in a big downpour.


The Parentini tailoring of the Mossa jacket is designed to offer the user great comfort and the feeling of freedom on the open road, without the sensation of feeling you are wearing layers of heavy jackets to keep warm.

It is therefore important you purchase the correct size Mossa, one that fits your body well, being fully elastic the Mossa is comfortable to wear, a great anatomical fit.


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