INGA FENICE Windtex Jacket


Windtex® is a light stretch heat regulating membrane which blocks WIND and WATER and maintains unaltered the MICROCLIMATE between the skin and the fabric. We are very proud of its light weight and in particular of its elasticity, In fact other membranes which may otherwise be similar to Windtex® are heavier and do not have anything like the same elasticity. For this reason Windtex® mantains the natural MICROCLIMATE with a light thickness, together with its WIND and WATERPROOFNESS and BREATHABILITY. Windtex’s excellent breathing capacity as well as its heat retention protect the body’s microclimate. Windtex’s light weight and elasticity make it an excellent companion for all those sports where freedom of movement is a basic requirement.

INGA FENICE Windtex Jacket

ART. V888A

Windproof - Waterproof - Breathable
Waterepellent with ‘Hydro’ treatment

85% Polyester RECYCLED 15% Elastane RECYCLED
(Polyester membrane inside)


Leggerezza-Lightweight  Taglio-Pro-Pro-Cut  Traspirante-Breathable  Idrorepellente-Waterepellent  Impermaeabile-Waterproof  Antivento-Windproof  Aerodinamico-Aerodynamic

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