Winter 2019 Collection - Rispetto

I am a cyclist, I am a human, I am a life.

Winter 2019 Collection - Rispetto

We are sons and daughters. We are brothers and sisters. And most of us are fathers and mothers. We just happen to like riding our bikes.

All we ask is that we return safely to our loved ones. After all, that is what all our fellow human beings expect when they step out of their house.

We care about performance. We also care about you and your family. That is why we are striving to make our bike wear as safe as possible. If you buy a garment from us, you are part of our family and we want you to return home to your family every time you set out.

For this reason, in the winter 2019 garments you will find the "Parentini-Rispetto" logo printed or applied with high visibility thermoplastics. However, we want to give a more important meaning to this message, that is to always remember that when we are on the road we must have mutual "Respect" between all road users, whether they are pedestrians, cyclists or motorists.