Parentini for the Danish National Team


The games of the XXXII Olympiad are about to start in Tokyo and, despite the pandemic, they represent the games of rebirth after the dramatic stop of 2020.
We are proud to dress the Danish National Team again and to support it with innovative and highly performing clothing in this major competition. 
The Tokyo suit has been specially designed by engineers and designers and tested in the "Wind Tunnel" to ensure a revolutionary result in terms of performance. 
The design of the kit has been renewed and modernized while maintaining the two iconic white lines that honor the tradition of the national team while the font was created specifically for the occasion. 
From a technical standpoint, the entire kit offers the team the lightest, most aerodynamic and most performing equipment to support them and help them reach their maximum potential. 
We just have to send our best wishes to all the champions, we are ready to cheer!

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