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The electrical charges that everybody has in his own body are responsibles of many negative effects. RESISTEX® CARBON does not give to the electrical charges the possibility to discharge theirselves on the body, and it avoids muscular contractures, cramps and sense of tiredness. Thanks to the antisthatic action RESISTEX® CARBON improves the “ELECTIRICAL RESPONSE” of the body, helping the blood circulation and the cell ossigenation.

Besides its conducibility characteristic improves dump dispersions trough the evaporation, with a real sensation of well-being and less moisture to the skin. The execution of many tests, with the collaboration of the TRAINING DEVELOPMENT CENTER of COMO, between jerseys/clothing realised with RESISTEX® CARBON fiber and clothing in other fibers gave exceptional results:

- BODY TEMPERATURE of the athletes with garments made of  RESISTEX® CARBON is three times lower than the one of the other athletes.

- The BREATHING PARAMETERS are positively modified in the subjects that use jerseys made of RESISTEX® CARBON fiber. In this condition the oxigen request is less than 3 liters/minute and the breathing response is improved.

- The CARDIAC FREQUENCY is 4 beats/minute lower in the subjects that use RESISTEX® CARBON fiber garments/jerseys.

- The LACTIC ACID concentration in the blood is 12% lower than normal during the physical training of the subjects that are using the jerseys with RESISTEX®CARBON fiber.


The clothing/garments realized with RESISTEX® CARBON fiber proved that they enhance the muscular response, especially during the sport disciplines that require a long period of effort and under hot climatic condition.

The percentage of METHABOLIC ENERGY, in an athlete that is wearing some garments realized with RESISTEX® CARBON fiber, increases (24,68% to the 15th minute, 24,93% to the 30th minute), while wearing garments realized with other fibers the percentage decreases while time goes by.

Keep your “POWER”:

The 87% polypropylene “Dryarn” 10% Elastham and 3% Carbon “RESISTEX® CARBON” elastic fabric doesn’t absorb sweat but wicks it away to the outside, staying dry under extreme weather conditions, mantaining your power thanks to the CARBON fiber. Due to the elastic fabric the PARENTINI Underwear items are realized in ONE SIZE. Besides the special fabric structure of the polypropylene fiber “Dryarn” provides an insulating cushion of air, avoiding penetration of cold or heat.

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