“Storm Shield” system, Breathable, Protective, Elastic and Insulated is a lightweight, Windproof, Waterproof and Water-Resistant fabric, which thanks to the Windtex membrane, protects and supports at the same time. This Fabric, a super 4-way stretch that fits and adapts perfectly to the body, comes with the aim of improving the Athlete’s clothing and Comfort in all season without giving up the freedom of movement. The interior, entirely made of Hydrophilic Microfiber, helps the dispersion of sweat, which is completely absorbed by the Membranbe avoiding the unpleasant sensation of humidity typical for the traditional winter Fabrics. For this Fabric a Windtex membrane, particularly light and performing, has been used to guarantee maximum Breathability and a high capacity of Heat Insulation;

  • HYDROPHILIC Polyurethane for the Colored Version.
  • HYDROPHILIC Polyester for the Printable Version.
  • Water Column 10.000 mm. Guaranteed.
  • Breathability > 10.000 gr/m2 x 24h.


The “MOSSA” line is realized with ELASTICIZED fabric “Storm Shield ”, with WINDTEX membrane, windproof, waterproof, breathable with water-repellent treatment "HYDRO", protective, light and elastic like a secon skin. Who decides to dress MOSSA has to consider three aspects:

  1. The user of the product has to be an amateur cyclist of medium/good level, used to bad seasons or difficult training conditions, with a minimum power and that sweats in winter too.
  2. The different clothes can be used with temperatures from under the zero to +15c°, changing the underwear depends on the seasons and on Your own cold resistance. You should know Yourself well to regulate things consequently.
  3. Skin wearability of the MOSSA is essential for the perfect function of it.

The product achieves the desired results if it fits tightly to the body and it works "allweather" since it transports Your OWN SWEAT out, becoming a thermoregulator. The WINDTEX membrane absorbs the SWEAT, warms up and protects, while the WINDSTOPPER (of Gabba) expels the sweat and remains colder; WINDTEX gets wet and evaporates, it remains warm and, at the same time, it guarantees You an optimum breathability.

A traditional winter fabric, with PILE or similar fabrics, keeps the moisture and the sweat that reaches the membrane is only a part. The fabric used for the MOSSA line is made up of a microfiber highly hydrophilic that carries the sweat to the membrane and through this one lets it evaporate. The WINDTEX membrane it is not only water-repellent (WINDSTOPPER it is), but it is WATERPROOF AND WATER-REPELLENT thanks to the HYDRO treatment You have on the external fabric.


We created a line of garments with ”WINDTEX” membrane LIGHT and VERSATILE, with High BREATHABILITY, WINDPROOF and WATERPROOF characteristics, to be used “OGNITEMPO” (under every conditions) and in every circumstance (Training, Race, Ride).

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