<br />Arrowind

Arrowind is a brand new non-run, elastic fabric, developed in Italy with the new textile technology called FLAPTEX. This technology allows ARROWIND to join all the best technical characteristic of a non-run, elastic fabric (breathability, elasticity, pleasantness) to a specific function of reduced air permeability (air passage). Arrowind guarantees You a comfort level and a well-being sensation never reached with one singular fabric, until now possible exclusively with a combination of technology and different elements – not only textile. The research activity developed the FLAPTEX technology and created a plush-lined elastic fabric able to block about the 80% of the air that usually passes through a similar fabric produced with conventional systems. Test: Index of air permeability: ±200 litres per mm2/second (the index of air permeability of the traditional elastic plush-lined fabric is between 800 and 850 litres per mm2/second).*
* Air permeability tested  with Air-Tronic (Mesdan) - UNI EN ISO 9237

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